P.V. Iyer: A inspiring icon of Elderly Living
Photo @narendramodi

Life is so beautiful, at every single point in one’s life course. 

Meet Air Marshal PV Iyer (Retd), his twitter account describes him as ‘’92-year-old runner, who has run more than 120000 kms & is still at it! Author of 3 books; the latest – Fit at Any Age….’’ 


On meeting him, the Prime Minister Modi expressed delight and admired his zest of life and passion towards staying fit and healthy.  

The Prime Minister tweeted; “Delighted to meet Air Marshal PV Iyer (Retd) today. His zest for life is remarkable and so is his passion towards staying fit and healthy. Glad to get a copy of his book.” 

And the title of his book – ‘’Fit at Any Age’’!  

Certainly, he comes as a perfect inspiring role model for everyone, particularly middle aged and retirees who tend to get stuck in age/time warp and loose healthy interest in healthy active life. 




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