India unveils world’s first intranasal COVID19 vaccine, iNNCOVACC
Attribution: Suyash Dwivedi, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

India unveiled the iNNCOVACC COVID19 vaccine today. iNNCOVACC is the world’s first intranasal COVID19 vaccine to receive approval for the primary 2-dose schedule, and as a heterologous booster dose. It is developed by Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL) in collaboration with Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance (BIRAC).

iNCOVACC is a cost effective covid vaccine which does not require syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, bandage, etc, saving costs related to procurement, distribution, storage, and biomedical waste disposal, that is routinely required for injectable vaccines. It utilizes a vector-based platform, which can be easily updated with emerging variants leading to large scale production, within a few months. These rapid response timelines combined with the ability of cost effective and easy intranasal delivery, makes it an ideal vaccine to address future infectious diseases.  

A rollout of iNCOVACC is expected to begin in private hospitals that have placed advance orders. Initial manufacturing capacity of several million doses per annum has been established, this can be scaled up to a billion doses as required. iNCOVACC is priced at INR 325/dose for large volume procurement. 

Earlier last year, India indigenously developed world’s first DNA plasmid-based vaccine for Covid-19 to be administered intradermally in humans including children and adults 12 years and above. Called ZyCoV-D, it was developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare.

Next step would be to develop vaccines for non-communicable diseases. 

India is a world leader in vaccine manufacturing and innovation capability. Over 65% of vaccines supplied in the world are from India. India has made a mark in producing quality and affordable medicines. India has taken a lead in developing vaccines and medicines for diseases common in the developing world.




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