JPC should felicitate Adani for making India wealthier
Attribution: Gautam Adani, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Likes of Ambani and Adani are true Bharat Ratnas; JPC should rather felicitate them for wealth creation and making India more prosperous.   

Wealth creation is the greatest public service, the most patriotic act and the best social service that can remove poverty and enhance prosperity and wellbeing of Indians. No politics or activism can improve the lots of people, only money can. Therefore, traders, businesses, entrepreneurs and industrialists like Ambani, Tata, Adani etc are the real heroes of India. They create wealth, run businesses, generate employment, make contributions to the exchequer that pay salaries to the manpower running establishments of the great Indian State. India should recognise their contributions and MUST respect and support them. They are more worthy of national gratitude and Bharat Ratna awards than most of the self-serving breed of politicians ever engaged in pursuit of chair and power even at the cost of interest of their own country.   


Wealth creation is the most fundamental mechanism behind prosperity and wellbeing of people. Any disregard for money and wealth creation simply means perpetuating poverty of the people in the country and perpetuating politics of poverty reduction.  

One does not need to look far to understand importance of wealth creation. Pakistan’s leadership currently go around the world seeking loans and grants to tide over financial crisis and they profusely express gratitude to the lenders and donors. Similarly, Sri Lanka suffered serious economic crisis recently. We all know how few billion dollars from India saved the day for Sri Lanka. In the current climate, there is no bigger act of patriotism in Pakistan and Sri Lanka than wealth creation.  

And, in India, now, an Indian company has already lost over hundred billion dollars of national wealth in just few days due to artificial manipulations in market perception that made India poorer by over hundred billion dollars courtesy allegation of malpractice through a sheath of papers generated by a paid for, private consulting firm based overseas on behalf of some interest group.  

What an irresponsible act! The money lost to Adani group in the last few days alone was enough to make few countries debt free.  

As for alleged irregularity, India has a very mature law enforcement machinery and judicial system. So, letting the law take its own course to establish balance would have been a wiser course. Not to condone any irregularity, we all also know that there is no perfect world and there is never a 100% compliance to all existing norms in a real world.  

Indian traders, businesses and industrialists like Ambani, Tata, Adani etc are the real modern-day heroes of India. They are wealth creators. Their efforts help remove poverty and enhance prosperity and wellbeing of the people – you do not need to be an economist to understand this, just make a layman’s comparison between say, Bihar-Bengal and Gujarat-Maharashtra. The mature caste-politics of Bihar and class -politics of Bengal has only accentuated poverty in these two states.   

What is needed is to recognise that in pursuit of political power, there is a line that should not be crossed in the best interest of India. Equally pertinent is to recognise that businesses and industrialists are not self-serving profit-seekers as they are often portrayed in India. They are the wealth creators whose efforts can actually remove poverty and improve lots of people of India.  

It’s high time we start respecting them, it’s high time India start recognising their contributions by conferring them with Padma and Bharat Ratna awards.  




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