Main Bharat Hoon, Hum Bharat ke Matdata Hain
Photo credit: PIB

With an aim to enhance voters’ participation in elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI), the constitutional body responsible for conducting elections in India has come up with a catchy inspiring song to nudge voters to cast votes. 

The song, ‘Main Bharat Hoon, Hum Bharat ke Matdata Hain‘, in Hindi and multilingual format, was launched last week. Dedicated to the voters, the song features celebrities from different walks of life, appealing to voters to cast their vote and fulfil their Constitutional duty. 


The song is aimed not only at educating the voters regarding their rights and responsibility towards strengthening democracy but also at enthusing them for greater participation in the electoral process.  

Celebrating the diversity and demography of India, the song attempts to contribute to the theme of ‘Nothing like voting, I vote for sure.” 

The lyrics of the song draw inspiration from the belief that every Indian love India. Their souls, hearts, minds and bodies speak of India with pride, owing to its ancient roots yet progressive and modern with glowing future as a strong democracy in the world. Every Indian is proud to say that ‘I am India’ (Main Bharat Hoon) because they know the power of the individual vote to elect the best of executives to govern and build our country. This song has been designed to aspire each VOTER to be one of the best architects of modern India, who understand their duty as well as their right to vote for their nation, irrespective of their status, class, religion, cast, place, language, and gender.  




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