PM Modi’ Mother Hospitalised, Visted by the son in Gandhi Nagar
Attribution: Prime Minister's Office, Government of India, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s centenarian mother, Heeraben Modi has been admitted in a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her health condition is said to be stable. She turned 100 in June.  

Mr Modi quickly travelled from Delhi to Gandhi Nagar to be with her.  


On learning about his mother’s situation, he twitted,’’…I have no doubt that everything good in my life, and all that is good in my character, can be attributed to my parents. Today, as I sit in Delhi, I am filled with memories from the past’’. 

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has wished her speedy recovery  

‘’The love between a mother and a son is eternal and priceless. Modi ji, my love and support is with you in this difficult time. I hope your mother gets well soon’’. 




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