Separate New Routes for Merchant and Fishing Vessels in South West Indian waters

For safety and efficiency of navigation, the operation routes of merchant vessels and fishing vessels in South West Indian waters have now been separated by the government.

The Arabian Sea around the south-west coast of India is a busy sea route, with substantial number of merchant ships passing through the area, along with large number of fishing vessels operating in the area. So far, the routes were not clearly delineated. It sometimes causes accidents between them, resulting in damage of property and environmental pollution, and in several instances has resulted in loss of lives also. Therefore, there have been long felt need to separate the routes for the two types of vessels. The government has now separated the operation routes.


Efficient regulation of shipping traffic in this region will ensure ease of navigation in Indian waters, improvement in avoidance of collision, ease in flow of traffic along with safety of life at sea and enhance protection of marine environment.

The coordinates of the routeing system in south-west of Indian waters is notified by DG Shipping through M.S. Notice-11 of 2020. The new routes come into force with effect from 1st August 2020.




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