Cost of Living Crisis Caused by Biden, Not Putin
Attribution: (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The public narrative of the Russia-Ukraine war as being the cause of the massive cost of living increase in 2022 is a marketing move made by the USA and OPEC (a cartel of oil companies that control the world’s oil supply) countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to discreetly influence private news organisations globally through hidden layers of company ownership, kind of like a Scooby Doo villain with six masks, except in this case it’s Joe Biden underneath. Joe Biden serves as the slave to the master, also called oil and gas PACs (political action committees).  

PACs can also be known as the legal way for companies to pay politicians lots of money to make laws which lets them, the companies, make even more money by charging peasants such as yourself even more for things like petrol for your car. However, when we try to do it, it’s called bribery and we get sentenced to 10 years in jail because how dare the unwashed masses try to influence the fair and just system of government.  


In 2020, USA’s biggest oil and gas company, ExxonMobil, and others like BP were losing money because we were all locked up at home because of COVID and we couldn’t drive our Lamborghinis so the poor oil company CEOs were suffering greatly. By 2022, COVID restrictions had been loosed greatly; we could finally fill up and ride our Lambos, and oil was selling well. On February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and NATO (USA and its harem) was very offended that white people were being killed, so out of the goodness of its heart, decided to send military weapons to Ukraine to cripple Russia.  

In March, Biden started sanctions against Russia and the G7 (US puppet states like the UK, France and Germany) continued the motion. In May, the European Commision followed suit and politely suggested a ban on Russian oil which never happened. The EU comedically pressured India to cease purchase of Russian oil which funds the Ukraine war; however, India kept a neutral stance rather than taking a righteous stance to increase the profit margins of “Big Oil”.  

In August, Joe Biden also sent a very generous 3 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine (Uncle Sam’s accounting is also missing 21,000+ billion dollars which was supposed to be spent on its citizens). In November, OPEC, seeing that Russia is less competitive to sell oil to the West because of political reasons, decides to charitably reduce its oil production causing market traders to predict a shortfall in supply compared to demand, causing a massive increase in oil prices in Europe.  

However, somehow the supply of gas and oil to the EU remains extremely stable from 2018 up until the end of 2022, just significantly less of it is from Russia and more oil is shipped from the charitable nations such as the US, Saudi Arabia and even Norway (I didn’t know they sell oil either). Furthermore, coincidentally, the profits of oil companies such as Exxon and BP more than double from 2021 to 2022 and Equinor (the Norwegian one) more than triple, suggesting the increased cost of oil is just the extra money we pay to those poor corporations as charity.  

The political and press moves to portray Russia as the cause of the cost of living crisis in a manner to support the reduction of their oil and gas supplies seems to be an orchestrated one and one from the highest levels of governments which supplies “Big Oil” with more profit. Of course, they have the peasant interests at heart and this was an accidental move which we shouldn’t misunderstand because the government is for the people and we live in a free society of course, where we are free to be slaves for the politicians and corporations and free to protest so long as we ask our overlords for a protest permit, because we could cause unnecessary disruption to them making even more money. 




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