Happy Ram Navami!
An early 20th century Hindu deity Rama painting | Attribution: Ms Sarah Welch, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrated as the birth anniversary of Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram, this festival of joy and prosperity gives us the message of selfless service and inspires us to follow the path of love, compassion, humanity and sacrifice. The life of Lord Ram exemplifies grace and sacrifice and teaches us to lead a dignified and disciplined life. 

Let us internalise the ideals of Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram in every sphere of our life and dedicate ourselves to make India a glorious nation”. 

Giani Sant Singh’s Ramcharitmanas commentary. Quote: “In the early 1820s, the head Granthi of Sri Harimandar Sahib, Amritsar, composed a commentary on the 17th century Ramcharitmanas [Lake of the Deeds of Rama] by Tulsidas, which was hailed to be ‘in a class by itself’.” (Jvala Singh, 2020) | Attribution: See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons | Source:https://twitter.com/jvalaaa/status/1317227146369069056




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