Diabetics need strict sugar control during COVID Pandemic. Addressing a digital symposium of Hello Diabetes Academia 2020, the union minister Jitendra Singh said that despite COVID, regular activities are going on well . He said, COVID has prompted us to discover new norms in adversity.

Strict Sugar

Those suffering from diabetes have an immuno-comprised status, which tends to reduce their resistance and make them more vulnerable to Corona like infections as well as consequent complications. This, leads to an even more vulnerable situation when a patient suffering from diabetes also has kidney involvement or diabetic-nephropathy, chronic kidney disease etc. In a situation like this, the diabetologists have a special responsibility towards their patients in keeping their blood sugar level strictly under control to avoid infection and at the same time educating them about precautions to be exercised.

Even though the COVID-related death rate in India has been low as compared to other countries, most of the deaths occurred here were among those Corona positive patients who were also suffering from comorbidities of chronic disorders like diabetes.


Even after the COVID pandemic is over, the discipline of social distancing and avoiding droplet infection will act as a safeguard against many other infections as well.